Long Term Care

The cost of care in a nursing home in Southern Maine runs around $10,000 a month, and home care plans can cost around $35 an hour for around-the-clock care.  Carlin & Shapiro, P.A., will work closely with you and your family to preserve assets from long term care costs.  Our plans can involve transferring assets when catastrophe strikes, like a major stroke, or advanced planning techniques that may involve irrevocable MaineCare/Medicaid trusts or changing the title on real estate.  The professionals at Carlin & Shapiro, P.A. can also assist you with evaluating long term care policies and with filing and pursuing claims under those policies.  The professionals at Carlin & Shapiro, P.A. have stewarded hundreds of MaineCare applications through the system; have expertise in asset preservation techniques; and can guide you in protecting assets from the State after the death of a MaineCare recipient.