Estate Planning & Probate

The professionals at Carlin & Shapiro, P.A. value our client relationships and pride ourselves on our client service. We get to know each of our clients and their families, so that we can best develop an estate plan that will meet the needs of our clients. An estate plan is comprised of many facets. It may include a Last Will and Testament, under which an individual may state wishes concerning the disposition of assets upon death, or may involve the passing of assets through non probate methods, such as trusts and beneficiary designations. An estate plan can be tailored to preserve the public benefit eligibility of a disabled child or contain tax planning provisions and trusts that are designed to preserve assets from death taxes. Property titling of assets is also an integral part of developing an estate plan. For example, proper beneficiary designations can be essential is maintaining the deterred tax status of retirement funds for family members or trusts named as beneficiaries on those accounts. The professionals and Carlin & Shapiro, P.A. are experienced in developing estate plans that are effective, thoughtful and that allow for expeditious and efficient administration.

After an individual passes away, the professionals at Carlin & Shapiro, P.A. can assist with the administration of an estate. This may involve the shepherding a will through the probate process, terminating a trust or assisting with the passing of assets through beneficiary designations. The professionals at Carlin & Shapiro, P.A. work hard to ensure that the administration of an estate does not tear a family apart but is a time for pooling together and for supporting each other. However, when litigation becomes necessary, the professionals at Carlin & Shapiro, P.A. will zealously advocate for our clients in the probate court.