Health care advance directives

With a Maine Health Care Advance Directive, you (or your family member) may designate another person to make health care decisions for you, either right away or when you are unable to make these decisions for yourself. This individual may make all health care decisions for you, such as what medications you should take; whether surgery is appropriate; what doctors should treat you; and which hospital should provide you with care. Also with the health care advance directive, you may state your preferences with regard to the withdrawal of life sustaining treatment; organ donation; and funeral arrangements.

There is a standard Maine Health Care Advance Directive form that has been developed and that is recognized and used by health care providers throughout the State of Maine. You may find this document in the “forms” section of our web site.

Carlin & Shapiro can assist you with preparing a Health Care Advance Directive that is more specific than the standard form, or by reviewing the standard form to ensure you have completed it correctly, and then providing witnesses and a notary to ensure a proper execution.